Quality and Process

Quality assurement

The blood of the slaughtered in slaughterhouses as meat animals is a noble raw material and a source of a range of natural protein products , which are highly beneficial to the food industry , nutrition and pharmacopoeia . Our raw material is a living and fragile product requires stringent hygiene conditions , cold chain , and complex logistics of collection and processing.

Our laboratory ensures that the processes of harvesting and processing of raw materials at all stages comply with stringent hygiene standards (HACCP , GMP ) . Our greatest effort is focused on maintaining the integrity and functionality of the plasma proteins. This effort requires strict microbiological tests , continuous evaluation of the degree of hemolysis and control the level of immunoglobulins in plasma powder.

Quality assurement

Blood Collection

Fresh blood is obtained from healthy animals subjected to an official veterinary ante and post mortem inspection . Slaughterhouses where animals are slaughtered under official supervision by health authorities. Fresh blood is collected in stainless steel sanitary collectors and is immediately cooled and kept refrigerated sanitary ponds .


The cold, fresh blood is transported in tanks health Lican factory , where it is subjected to laboratory analysis, classified and recepcionada .

Blood separation

The factory Lican blood is centrifuged to separate the plasma from the blood ( hemoglobin ) . Each fraction ( plasma cells ) is then separately spray dried ( spray dried ) .

Spray drying (spray drying )

Drying of blood cells occurs within the drying chamber , after which the powder falls blood directly into a bag .